Ben Enos


Wherever we went when I was growing up, my family always had a camera. I can't remember the first time I used a camera, but I started learning about them at a very young age. My grandfather and his father had a hand in designing one of the world's first mass production SLR cameras - the Praktica. Later in my grandfather's life, he designed the Noblex camera - a motor driven panoramic camera. My mom, being the daughter of a camera maker learned a lot about cameras and how they work. She gave me my first camera, a Canon AE-1, and taught me to shoot with it. 

A few years later, my dad opened an award-winning photography studio in Sarasota called "Image is Everything." I started working for him in his studio answering phones, organizing, and cleaning. When he would do a beach shoot or a wedding, he would have me set the lights and hold reflectors. I had no idea at that point what it would turn into. At around 13 years old, he asked if I wanted to shoot photojournalism at a wedding. I ended up shooting weddings with him through high school before moving to Nashville. 

I am currently on tour with Brad Paisley, as his tour photographer. Since starting with Brad in 2008, I have been to all but two states, traveled all over Canada (in the dead of winter), and toured in Europe multiple times. I am very blessed to do a job that I love every day. I hope you enjoy browsing my site - feel free to drop me a line if you have any comments or questions!